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Holistic wellness at The Amala - pure bliss

East meets West at The Amala Spa. The gentle pace of life within the resort will help you relax and focus on the extensive spa/wellness treatments : anything from a simple Balinese massage to holistic treatments, Hatha and Vinayasa Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation, Reiki, Acupuncture and Tibetan Bowl Music therapy, among many others. Complete wellness packages offer you revitalising health-through-harmony solutions. We focus on ancient Asian medicine and Western holistic philosophies – using organic produce where possible – and our professionals can carefully assess your health, fitness and lifestyle to provide personal programmes and treatments.


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Operation Hours : 09:30 - 21:30
Spa product: Natural Product
Treatment rooms:

  • Three indoor couples rooms


wellness studio at The Amala, Seminyak


The Amala has a spacious and tranquil yoga / multifunction room which is available for private or group classes. The room becomes a centre of relaxation when our Masters are in residence, but is also ideal for small meetings, workshops, or even painting and art exhibitions to promote local artists.

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We run a special Art of Touch massage class – just for couples – which teaches you how to perfect that loving touch with your partner. It's a unique way to reconnect with your loved one by exploring and harnessing the power of human touch. What better way to show your love.


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